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Wedding Wishes [12 Jan 2011|10:57pm]

Hi there,

My name is El, I'm 27 and a bride-to-be. I'm also a web developer and in the process of setting up a wedding community website called "Wedding Wishes" at http://www.weddingwishes.co

I'm looking to get the ball rolling and encourage some communication on the forums before I actually launch the site, and as such, I'd love to invite the community to join for free and even receive a couple of freebies I picked up while doing some marketing for work. There's a fantastic ebook worth $40 that you can download for free that claims to save you thousands. Not sure how accurate that is in practice, but I've read it and it is actually really good... and really very free!

Anyway, I'd love to see all of you over at Wedding Wishes to claim your membership and free goodies. Feel free to add my personal journal or message me if you have any questions or need a hand.

I apologise if some of you got caught in a cross-post or if this isn't an appropriate intro. Mods - please delete this message if you feel it lacks value to the community.

Wonderful to meet you all,
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Fall Back Into Passion! [26 Aug 2008|09:47pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Just because you are planning a wedding does not mean you cannot have fun!

Make time for you! Have fun! Have a girls night IN to remember!

~Let me make your party THE party for you to have!

please PM me if you have more questions or EMAIL ME!

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[27 May 2008|09:38pm]
Hi all,

So I am a bridesmaid in an end-of-July wedding, and I need my (surprisingly pretty) dress altered. Any tips on where to go for alterations, or just as importantly, where not to go? Any help would be immensely appreciated!

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Reception Sites? [18 Apr 2008|01:00am]

Hey all. My fiance and I are getting married in DC at All Souls Church @ G Street and 16th. It's near Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan and we're looking for a separate place to hold a reception that's close by and not something that'll blow the bank. Any ideas?

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[15 Apr 2008|09:41am]


Hi everyone! I am new to this community and newly engaged as of about a month ago. We are getting married in Fairfax, VA, next summer. I am open to any advice you all have on how to create a beautiful July wedding for over 100 guests, (most of whom come from out of town). 
Have a wonderful day!

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Bachelorette Party? [30 Jan 2008|11:23am]
Hi all,

My very good friend from college is getting married this summer, and I'm one of her bridesmaids. The wedding is going to be held in Florida, but the bachelorette party is going to be held here in DC, because she lives in Virginia and three of the bridesmaids do, too.

I'm supposed to meet up with one of them tomorrow to brainstorm ideas, but other than doing a bar crawl in Adams Morgan, I'm drawing a blank. Do any of you know any fun bachelorette things to do in DC that would be a little classier than getting drunk on 18th Street? I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions you could provide :)

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Wanted: Dead or Alive...Alive is preferred [26 Jul 2007|12:30am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

So, I ordered my dress back in February in a little shop less than a mile from my house. They were very funny about all the "rules" for the place, like no photos in the shop and none of the designer's names were on any of the gowns. The sales ladies claimed not to know the designers of any of the gowns because they're not the ones that do the ordering. Even advertisements in the shop for gowns had the names covered up.

There's a reception hall attached to the place and the shop claimed that it was the reception hall's rule that you couldn't have outside cameras, but somehow that seems preposterous to me. Let's face it, the no photos and no names on things is because they don't want you finding the gown you fall in love with cheaper online or in another shop.

So, shady as this all seems, I bought my gown there, because I fell in love with it (you know how it is). They said that once you had bought the dress they'd usually let the brides sneak a couple of pictures (this allowance only reinforces my theory as to why you can't take pictures). All is well, the dress is in and I'll go pay off the balance in the next few weeks. Even though the wedding isn't until January, I'm not leaving my dress with them. There have been a few incidents in my area of shops going out of business and closing their doors before brides can pick up the dresses they've ordered. I'm going to pick it up and take it home and bring it back for fittings later.

ANYWAY, I STILL don't know the designer name for my dress. I've scoured the internet to no avail. The only thing I have to go on is that the sales lady said she "thinks" it might have been by Venus, but I've looked at their website a dozen times and my dress isn't on there. So, you, ladies, are my last hope!

Have you seen this dress? (No peeking Adam!)Collapse )

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Offbeat Brides Meetup [07 Feb 2007|12:33pm]

I'm trying to organize a meetup of NoVA / MD / DC area offbeat / non traditional brides. Sort of a sewing circle / support group / think tank / co-op... If you are an offbeat bride to be, or a recently married offbeat bride who has great ideas to share or is in need of some assistance pulling off your ideal wedding, please drop me a comment, and we will set up a good time for all of us to get together.

(btw: I'm using 'bride' as a generic descriptor. We welcome offbeat grooms and same sex couples.)

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Hairstylists in Silver Spring or nearby areas [21 Jan 2007|07:04pm]

I'm getting married at 11 am at my fiance's church in Silver Spring, so I'm starting to think about the plans I'll need to make to arrange for a hairstylist. I would think that this person would probably need to come to the church and would possibly charge extra for doing so. This would be ok if the price and quality are right. I've seen a stylist several times at one of the Virginia Regis locations and really like her, so she's an option as far as inquiring, but as of now, she works on Saturday mornings. (Of course, this may change by October, when we'll be getting married.)

Does anyone have recommendations for stylists in this area? In particular, if you have any knowledge of whether they might be willing to come to a ceremony location the morning of, that would be great. Thanks in advance!
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Catering feedback [09 Oct 2006|02:28pm]

Does anyone know anything about Meriweather Godsey Catering of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA? A friend is looking to have her wedding there and would love to know what their catering is like... Thanks!
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Hey there! [24 Jul 2006|03:45pm]

apologiesqueen just pimped this community over in weddingplans, so I thought I'd join.  I got married in May 2005 in Calvert County, MD.  If anyone needs any vendor recommendations for that area, let me know!  And of course, certain vendors, like photographers and cake bakers, will work for outside that area too.

Take care!  Enjoy planning your weddings!
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